Happy Anniversary…

… to us! Yes, today is the 25’th anniversary of the day Deb and I got married. Wow, it hasn’t been that long has it? Let’s see, there was the time we bought a house, and then Dennis was born, and then suddenliy he was old enough to be left at home while we went to Halifax for a week. 25 years. Really?

Speaking of Halifax, we’ve been having tons of fun so far. Yesterday we managed to see a mix of sights we had seen last time we were here and a couple of new ones: the Public Gardens and the Natural History museum.

I will try to post more pictures when I get home, but it’s quite difficult to get them from the iPad (I’m using to write this) to my home server. Just to prove that it is possible, here’s a photo I took at the Citadel yesterday:

A picture of the Halifax Citedal grounds

Today we’re off to see “Pier 21” the immigration museum and hopefully a Mac store, then maybe some time by the pool and dinner at a fancy restaurant. Ah the life of the idle rich. 😉

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary…”

  1. Would be nice if MobileMe had some iPad upload love for photos. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for France/Poland trip in the fall. Better start figuring that out. DropBox does let you upload but it’s best to create directories in your DropBox account FIRST because the iPad App doesn’t allow that. I logged a feature request for that.

    Have Fun!!

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