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No Tigers here

I picked up Tiger last night, but the DVD in the box was corrrupt. I tried cleaning it with a lens grade cleaning cloth (radial strokes only), and then tried it in both my Macs. In each case, it failed the “verifying your DVD” check at the 68% mark. I’m going to go down to the Mac shop again today to see if they still have any copies left that I can swap for.

On a related note: I’m going to back up this site (and the MySQL database that WordPress runs on) before I upgrade. I haven’t heard of any problems getting it all running on Tiger, but if you can’t find us for a while over the next few days, at least you’ll know why.

The season is over.

Divertimento played their last two concerts for the season this weekend. The Friday night concert was ok, but the Saturday concert was considerably better. Luckily, my family all came to the Saturday night show. Both concerts were recorded, and CDs are being made.

Now I have to switch gears and start thinking about practicing the pieces for Sandra (my cello teacher). I really would like to go back to the orchestra in the fall able to play better than I can now, not lousy from a summer of goofing off on my practice. I guess we’ll see how well that wish translates into reality.

My new bike

In the better late than never dept…

I got a new bike last week. It’s a softtail from Rocky Mountain Bicycles called a “Carve”. Very nice. There are some reviews of it here.

I was off work yesterday.

I missed a day yesterday, with severe stomach problems. Given that Deb just finished a run of anti-biotics to take care of a similar problem, I was somewhat worried. However, I seem to be nearly 100% again today, so I suspect I may have just poisoned myself with the BBQ on the weekend. Must. Buy. Better. Hamburger.

PSP as a web browser

Well I’ll be jiggered — it actually works! Check this out:

Looks like only one font, and a bunch of missing features, but it rendered most of the pages I went to (including my homepage as shown above) well enough that it would be usable in a pinch. Not so sure about https, though — meaning it wouldn’t be a good choice for getting your mail remotely. Oh well, if it works this well, it’s definitely possible for them to put together an “internet suite”. I’d buy it.

Untold Legends

Now this is my kind of PSP game. Good graphics, reasonable music, fast paced gameplay. It’s basically a cross between Diablo and Gauntlet. My only real complaint is that I can’t tilt the camera far enough to see down the corridor. If it supported an over the shoulder camera (a la World of Warcraft) it would be really sweet.

“The Champions”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this vague recollection about a TV show about 3 people who had some kind of psychic powers that they used to fight crime. That was basically all I could remember, except that there was something about water shooting up into the air (like from a fire hose) in the opening credits.

Quite by accident, I ended up surfing to Clivebanks where I finally learned the answer to this mystery. The show is called “The Champions”. You can read about it and a host of other random old sci-fi/fantasy shows by following that link. Anybody remember Joe 90?

I like it.

Got the PSP and a couple of games (Tony Hawk, Dynasty Warriors). The PSP was bundled with Gretzky and the Spiderman 2 movie. Capsule summary: very nice screen, reasonable battery life, movies play well off the MS. The largest MS pro duo I could find locally was 512 Meg. Is the 1Gig one out yet?

Woot! PSP comes tomorrow.

The guy from EB called me today to say that my “PSP Gretsky bundle” was in. I said to him, “Have I ever bought a sports game from you?”. He thought about it for a moment, and said, “No, I don’t think you have.” (I have over the years spent thousands of dollars at that particular EB, and they really do know my buying habits.)

In any case, it turns out that I am getting the Gretsky bundle since that is the only one that was still available at the time I pre-ordered. Oh well. I’m not going to let $50 get in the way of me getting a PSP on the first day!

Cello sectional

A cello sectional is when only the cellos get together to practice. The Divertimento cello section had one last Thursday at the Agudath Israel Synagogue. It was led by Donald Whitton, who is a well-known and highly skilled player and teacher. He had not previously seen the pieces we are doing for this semester, but was able to play them well (much better than I) after only a few moments with them.

I learned a number of playing tricks and some better fingerings. All in all a very successful evening.