It’s here!

Take a look:

Yes, I’m typing this using it, although i expect the post will be short. 😉

it’s got a RPi with 4 Gig of RAM, but it runs off of an SD card, so it’s a bit slower than I’m used to. It also normally runs off batteries, but it doesn’t include the 18650s it needs in the package, so I’ll have to go get some today.

Overall, I really like it. The only thing I’ll say is *man* is that text small for my old eyes!

One thought on “It’s here!”

  1. I did get a couple of batteries locally. When I went into the store ( the salesperson reminded me that 18650 batteries can be different sizes — who thought that was a good idea? — so I should bring the handheld with me. I returned the next day and got a couple of batteries that have been working perfectly. It took a few hours for the first charge, but RPi OS is managing them properly, so I now have a perfectly functioning untethered cyberdeck. 🙂

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