We’re an all mac family!

For those who aren’t following Deb’s twitter feed, the latest round of random, gratuitous Windows glitches/crashes that have afflicted her old Dell laptop has led to some great news:

New laptop – PC to Mac. Good thing I’m sleeping with the IT guy!

Yes, our last hold out has switched. We’re now all rocking MacBook Pros:

  • Dennis has the 2.5Ghz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro that I was using until I got a new one a few weeks ago
  • I have the new i7, 15″ model
  • Deb got the i5, 15″ one (because, you know, mine needed to be the fastest. 😉 )

Overall, this should make the home network IT tasks a lot simpler.

We’ve got her contacts, calendar and favourites all moved over, as well as her email account set up so new mail goes there. I haven’t looked at moving her old mail over, but getting it out of Outlook 2003 is probably going to be no fun. Oh well, that’s tonight’s task[*].

Unfortunately, it seems like there are still a small number of Windows apps that she will have to run, at least until we can find Mac replacements. The good news is those replacements appear to exist, but our budget has already taken quite a beating, so we’ll have to buy those incrementally. In the mean time, a copy of Parallels should keep her going.

* Btw, if anyone has any words of wisdom about how to get mail from Outlook to Apple Mail, let me know.

Deb is travelling.

She’s off on her yearly pilgrimage to Meg Swanson’s Knitting Camp (“RETREAT 2.75”) in Wisconsin. As usual, she and her friend Mable are driving down in Big Red (our mini-van). The trip takes two days, and Deb called last night to say that they had stopped at their traditional half-way point in Sault Ste. Marie.

Deb brought her laptop with her, so she may do some blogging while she’s gone, but if not, I’m sure she’ll give a full report when she gets back. In the meantime, Dennis and I are in bachelor-mode. Booya!

Oh, Deblits!

Poor Deb. She hasn’t had a lot of fun on her first two skiing lessons. Her boots hurt enough that she was in agony after the first one, and when she got that fixed and went out today, she wiped and broke her thumb. 🙁

She’s enough of a trouper that she’ll try it again once the cast comes off, but given how warm this winter has been, a month from now the season could be over. I guess we’ll see how things turn out.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all who fit the description. 🙂

Deb’s family is coming over for a BBQ today — two kinds of steak, chicken and spicy sausages — in honour of the day. My family was supposed to come as well, but Anne is down with an abysmally bad headcold, so we’re going to hold off visiting with them until next week. That’s still ten people, so it should be fun. Zoe isn’t coming, though. She’s lots of fun to have along but somehow three big dogs seems to cause about three times the confusion of just two. Maybe next time.

Deb is doing ok.

She seems to tire very quickly, but as long as she’s getting lots of sleep and not moving around too much, she seems to be her chipper self again. Of course, I’m sure she’ll be doing even better once the er… “last remaining remnant” of the operation is removed a week from tomorrow. Until then she’ll be pretty tied to the house.

Well, we’re home.

Deb got out of the hospital today. She managed to take a shower before I got there, and she made it through the ride home, past the enthusiastic guard dogs and all the way to the living room before she was too tired to go further. Not bad for the day after surgery. She’s currently napping on the couch. We’ll try to make it upstairs later today.