WTG, D-man!

This morning I saw something that made me happier, and more proud, than just about anything that’s ever happened to me: My son graduated from high school.

Here’s the important bit…

Apologies for the blurry-cam, cell phone video. It’s hard to hold it steady when you’re clapping that hard. šŸ™‚

Dennis rocks!

Most people in Ottawa will know that last weekend was the Ottawa Race Weekend. This year, Dennis had an opportunity to get credit for participation as part of the school’s phys. ed. program, and he went for it:

Dennis ran the “MDS Nordion 10K” race, with a very creditable time of 1:07:01.

Of course, he did no training of any kind before the race, so Deb and I spent the whole hour, standing at the finish line, worrying about whether he was going to have a heart attack before he got there. In the end, we didn’t see him go past us — he was lost in the press — but we got a one word text message (“Done!”).

He complained of being a little tired, and had one blister, but nothing that stopped him from wanting to go “hang out” with his friends soon afterwards. What a guy! šŸ˜‰

You rock, Dennis!

For what it’s worth, here’s a picture I took of the press at the starting line. I don’t think Dennis is actually in this picture, but with the limitations of the iPhone’s camera, it’s hard to tell. Oh well, next time I’ll remember to bring the video camera. šŸ™‚

Starting line for the 10K

Btw, if you’re interested, here’s a link to Dennis’ official results:

Ottawa Race Weekend: Results

Last Day

Well, It’s the last day. Today, along with of doing lots of stuff, we went shopping. Yes. Shopping. Afterwhich, we went and checked out this remake of some racing ship that sunk called the Bluenose. And after that we saw crystal glasses, bowls, ornaments and such in the making. And, we went to a seafood restaurant on a dock. Finally, we headed back to the hotel for a cold swim and bed.
Dennis out.

Mom and I on the Bluenose (2)-

Thats crystal for ya-

Day 2

Today was completely random. First of all, we got up and with little success, looked on the net for something to do. We read about some museum in the general area where we were yesterday. When we got there, however, we couldn’t help notice a tour bus/boat getting ready to head off in a tour. We decided to give it a whirl and get tickets. After debating if we should risk $60 for a supposedly 15-30 minute tour, (with a tour boat with a big happy frog on the side), we risked it and went. After we left we went all around town on a hour long tour! We saw tons of shops around the place and an old fort, similar to Old Fort Henry (more on the inside then the outside)! After we finished our excellent tour which took us through the entire area and through the water where we learned some great stories from the past, my parents and I went UP town (haha) to check out the fort we noticed earlier. On the way we checked out a couple of shops, one of which I got 2 excellent souvenires, one of which was a cool pen with Nova Scotia on it and the other was a very cool pocket knife which was almost an exact replica of my other one. When we got to the fort we went exploring and history was learned in a way that wasn’t infinitely boring, by seeing giant models of the fort as it changed and advanced through time, and old guns with timelines! A FPS players fantasy! We bought various thing, took some pictures, I got pie, good times were had by all and then we noticed that we spent 2 hours there and went for some supper at a fancy and delicious seafood restaurant. Well, there you have a blow-by-blow of my second day in Halifax.
P.S. Did I mention I saw a real Tomas Tugboat?

Prisoner 115-

The fort-

Dad with me after pie-

Day 1

WELLLL… Today my parents and I did loads of stuff! First of all, (after I lost the war and got up that is) we went to this place called the Maritime Museum where we saw lots of cool stuff regarding boats and such. Afterwards, we went and checked out this boat that was a real warship during WW2, which was where I met my friend, Micheal Helps. My parents talked while Mike and I snuck off and manned a turret! And to finish off the day, we had a ‘Nova Scotian Good Time’ over at the Alexander Kieths Brewery (The Origional)! I got to sample a little bit of my parents free ale. Man, was that good! After all that (and a bit more) we were tired out and ready to go back to the hotel and have some seafood, Goodnight! Dad will post some pictures later.

Dennis and the Pepsi Fac- I mean Ipod Mini

Well… There isn’t alot to tell here, but it was a day to celebrate! First of all, it was the the night after the last day of school so I was already pretty happy and celebrating as dad brought home tidings of pizza and Pepsi, he also granted us a new movie to watch! After the movie I checked under the pepsi cap and there was FREE IPOD MINI staring right at me! I had won 1 of 10 000 of those beautiful ipods! Ok, this is getting boring, let me start over:

It was the last day of school, but our teacher wouldn’t let us leave! It was hopeless! We wouldn’t get out of the class until September! The irony! The pain! The suffering! Suddenly, some kid got mad and turned all green like the hulk, he didn’t really look as scary though. The teacher went to get him a barf bag. As soon as the two of them were gone, the class tried the door, it was blocked with a chair or something. So I found a vent and single file the class squeezed through. While we were in the vent we thought we escaped the teacher and all was well but we were wrong. As I turned the corner we ran into a Mouse-Monster!!! Some unlucky kid in the back of the vent smelt like cheese. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance, as the mouse went into his pants to find the cheese, he burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. The rest of us made it out fine and went home to our familys… And a T.V.
On my way home I saw a news man that looked like some actor from the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ who said that the last of the five of the golden rubber things under the Pepsi caps had been found, they anounced the winners of a trip to the Pepsi Fac- I mean an Ipod Mini. I was sad so I bought a pepsi anyway. Just as I opened the pepsi the man went on on how the last person had been a fraud and the last cap was out there, I checked under the cap and I WON! Some 15 year olds saw and started to take it from me but some other guy pushed out of the way, he shouted “RUN KID RUN!” So i did. As I was running home to tell my beloved parents some wierd guy started singing some song, it sounded kind of like this: Cause he won a golden PepsithingthatsrubberunderthebottlecapyouknowwhatImean! The song wasn’t to good. I ran faster.
The End

The GCW Lan Party

Guild Oie Jedoonee is getting together IRL!

Everyone who was available is coming over to my house today for burgers, beer, and much World of Warcraft playing. I’ve got enough room for 6 or 7 machines. If we need more than that, it’s going to get messy. I guess we’ll have to see. I have network connections for 9, but I’m also running wireless which will work well enough for people with laptops.

Randy is bringing over a long table which will hold 2 for sure, maybe 2 + a laptop. Most people will have card chairs to sit on, though. šŸ™