Dennis and the Pepsi Fac- I mean Ipod Mini

Well… There isn’t alot to tell here, but it was a day to celebrate! First of all, it was the the night after the last day of school so I was already pretty happy and celebrating as dad brought home tidings of pizza and Pepsi, he also granted us a new movie to watch! After the movie I checked under the pepsi cap and there was FREE IPOD MINI staring right at me! I had won 1 of 10 000 of those beautiful ipods! Ok, this is getting boring, let me start over:

It was the last day of school, but our teacher wouldn’t let us leave! It was hopeless! We wouldn’t get out of the class until September! The irony! The pain! The suffering! Suddenly, some kid got mad and turned all green like the hulk, he didn’t really look as scary though. The teacher went to get him a barf bag. As soon as the two of them were gone, the class tried the door, it was blocked with a chair or something. So I found a vent and single file the class squeezed through. While we were in the vent we thought we escaped the teacher and all was well but we were wrong. As I turned the corner we ran into a Mouse-Monster!!! Some unlucky kid in the back of the vent smelt like cheese. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance, as the mouse went into his pants to find the cheese, he burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. The rest of us made it out fine and went home to our familys… And a T.V.
On my way home I saw a news man that looked like some actor from the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ who said that the last of the five of the golden rubber things under the Pepsi caps had been found, they anounced the winners of a trip to the Pepsi Fac- I mean an Ipod Mini. I was sad so I bought a pepsi anyway. Just as I opened the pepsi the man went on on how the last person had been a fraud and the last cap was out there, I checked under the cap and I WON! Some 15 year olds saw and started to take it from me but some other guy pushed out of the way, he shouted “RUN KID RUN!” So i did. As I was running home to tell my beloved parents some wierd guy started singing some song, it sounded kind of like this: Cause he won a golden PepsithingthatsrubberunderthebottlecapyouknowwhatImean! The song wasn’t to good. I ran faster.
The End

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