Day 1

WELLLL… Today my parents and I did loads of stuff! First of all, (after I lost the war and got up that is) we went to this place called the Maritime Museum where we saw lots of cool stuff regarding boats and such. Afterwards, we went and checked out this boat that was a real warship during WW2, which was where I met my friend, Micheal Helps. My parents talked while Mike and I snuck off and manned a turret! And to finish off the day, we had a ‘Nova Scotian Good Time’ over at the Alexander Kieths Brewery (The Origional)! I got to sample a little bit of my parents free ale. Man, was that good! After all that (and a bit more) we were tired out and ready to go back to the hotel and have some seafood, Goodnight! Dad will post some pictures later.

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