Day 2

Today was completely random. First of all, we got up and with little success, looked on the net for something to do. We read about some museum in the general area where we were yesterday. When we got there, however, we couldn’t help notice a tour bus/boat getting ready to head off in a tour. We decided to give it a whirl and get tickets. After debating if we should risk $60 for a supposedly 15-30 minute tour, (with a tour boat with a big happy frog on the side), we risked it and went. After we left we went all around town on a hour long tour! We saw tons of shops around the place and an old fort, similar to Old Fort Henry (more on the inside then the outside)! After we finished our excellent tour which took us through the entire area and through the water where we learned some great stories from the past, my parents and I went UP town (haha) to check out the fort we noticed earlier. On the way we checked out a couple of shops, one of which I got 2 excellent souvenires, one of which was a cool pen with Nova Scotia on it and the other was a very cool pocket knife which was almost an exact replica of my other one. When we got to the fort we went exploring and history was learned in a way that wasn’t infinitely boring, by seeing giant models of the fort as it changed and advanced through time, and old guns with timelines! A FPS players fantasy! We bought various thing, took some pictures, I got pie, good times were had by all and then we noticed that we spent 2 hours there and went for some supper at a fancy and delicious seafood restaurant. Well, there you have a blow-by-blow of my second day in Halifax.
P.S. Did I mention I saw a real Tomas Tugboat?

Prisoner 115-

The fort-

Dad with me after pie-

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