Still no iPad camera connection kits?

For those who don’t know what they are, here is what the iPad Camera Connection Kit looks like:

picture of the kit from Apple Site
(Image is on Apple website; if it gets moved, follow the link above to see them.)

It’s basically just two plastic doingles with iPod connectors on one side and a USB port and SD card slot (respectively) on the other. Not exciting, and presumably not particularly difficult to make.

So, why is it that still, months after the iPad was released, these things are basically impossible to find? I just polled the Rideau Apple Store, Carbon Computing and Best Buy/Future Shop. Result: Nada — and several places indicated that there was a waiting list when they did show up. Even the online Apple Store is saying 4..6 weeks delivery. WTF?

Maybe Apple misjudged the popularity of this add on initially, but surely in the first few days it must have become obvious that nearly every person who has an iPad wants one.

I’m too sane — now, be nice — to believe that there is some kind of conspiracy here, but maybe Apple just doesn’t want us to have these, for some reason. In any case, I’m tired of waiting, so if anybody sees aftermarket versions out there, please let me know.

One thought on “Still no iPad camera connection kits?”

  1. They’re pretty useful I must say. I bring them with me in my iPad bag and at the cottage it’s been great snagging photos off of other peoples SD or USB into my iPad and then it shows up for sync when I get back home. I’m not looking to do anything wild, no unlocking, etc. and I use a Bluetooth keyboard so not plugging anything like that in.

    Guess I was lucky pushing the button to buy them when I pre-ordered my iPad.

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