Slow news day

There’s a picture of the fire on the front page of the Citizen, with some more details on page 10. They don’t actually match exactly the version of the story we heard from the fire dept., but I guess that’s typical in these kinds of things. It was interesting to see just how many versions of the story could be generated by people wandering around and telling each other their guesses.

(If you happen to have an electronic subscription to the Citizen, here is a link to the article.)

Update: Another (more sensational, as usual) version of the story can be found at the Sun.

OMG! Get the dogs!

This is as close as I ever want to get to having our house burn down:

The Fire

It started in the house two doors down from us, which was totalled. It moved to the next door neighbour’s house before the fire dept. got here, but they managed to save about half of it. Our house is fine. The only damage we had was a section of fence that was crushed as the firefighters went through. I’m sure our neighbours aren’t as happy, but I have to say that was a damn good job they did. There must have been eight trucks on the street.

To recap the story from my point of view: I was just walking out of the neighbourhood Home Depot when I saw fire burning in the distance. I had just finished thinking, “hm… that looks close to Great Castle Wilson”, when the phone rang. It was Deb calling to say that she had gotten Dennis and the dogs into the van and they were parked down the street, and I should “COME HOME RIGHT NOW!”. Apparently, Dennis was a big help, wrestling the dogs into the van (note: they both individually weigh more than he does), since Deb could not do it because of her operation.

Anyway, we’re all safe, back at home, and GCW was not damaged.

Update: In case you haven’t been to GCW before, it’s the house with all the firemen standing in the driveway.


Well we got the barbeque out last night and made our first batch of “burgs&dogs” for the year. Yes, they tasted great. Yes we’ll start inviting people over as soon as I repair the winter damage to our deck table (it got crushed under a pile of ice).

PSP as a web browser

Well I’ll be jiggered — it actually works! Check this out:

Looks like only one font, and a bunch of missing features, but it rendered most of the pages I went to (including my homepage as shown above) well enough that it would be usable in a pinch. Not so sure about https, though — meaning it wouldn’t be a good choice for getting your mail remotely. Oh well, if it works this well, it’s definitely possible for them to put together an “internet suite”. I’d buy it.

Untold Legends

Now this is my kind of PSP game. Good graphics, reasonable music, fast paced gameplay. It’s basically a cross between Diablo and Gauntlet. My only real complaint is that I can’t tilt the camera far enough to see down the corridor. If it supported an over the shoulder camera (a la World of Warcraft) it would be really sweet.

“The Champions”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this vague recollection about a TV show about 3 people who had some kind of psychic powers that they used to fight crime. That was basically all I could remember, except that there was something about water shooting up into the air (like from a fire hose) in the opening credits.

Quite by accident, I ended up surfing to Clivebanks where I finally learned the answer to this mystery. The show is called “The Champions”. You can read about it and a host of other random old sci-fi/fantasy shows by following that link. Anybody remember Joe 90?

I like it.

Got the PSP and a couple of games (Tony Hawk, Dynasty Warriors). The PSP was bundled with Gretzky and the Spiderman 2 movie. Capsule summary: very nice screen, reasonable battery life, movies play well off the MS. The largest MS pro duo I could find locally was 512 Meg. Is the 1Gig one out yet?