Woot! PSP comes tomorrow.

The guy from EB called me today to say that my “PSP Gretsky bundle” was in. I said to him, “Have I ever bought a sports game from you?”. He thought about it for a moment, and said, “No, I don’t think you have.” (I have over the years spent thousands of dollars at that particular EB, and they really do know my buying habits.)

In any case, it turns out that I am getting the Gretsky bundle since that is the only one that was still available at the time I pre-ordered. Oh well. I’m not going to let $50 get in the way of me getting a PSP on the first day!


Dennis and I both got our left ears pierced yesterday. By going together, we didn’t have to pay twice. Basically, they will pierce two ears at one sitting — it doesn’t matter if they’re on the same head or not. I’ve had mine done before, but let it grow in again at one point. Dennis thinks his is pretty cool though. 🙂

Deb is doing ok.

She seems to tire very quickly, but as long as she’s getting lots of sleep and not moving around too much, she seems to be her chipper self again. Of course, I’m sure she’ll be doing even better once the er… “last remaining remnant” of the operation is removed a week from tomorrow. Until then she’ll be pretty tied to the house.

Mac printing

Great Castle Wilson is a mixed PC/Mac shop. I have one machine (the G5 that runs this site) on all the time, and I wanted to connect our printer to it. I had hoped to have all of the PCs print to it, but I was unable to convince them to, regardless of whether I used Samba or lpd printing. I finally just connected the printer to one of the PCs, turned on the LPD service and use IP printing on the Macs. The truly odd thing about this is that given (what obviously only appears to be) two identically configured Macs, one will happily print on the XP box, while the other one will not. *sigh*.

Well, we’re home.

Deb got out of the hospital today. She managed to take a shower before I got there, and she made it through the ride home, past the enthusiastic guard dogs and all the way to the living room before she was too tired to go further. Not bad for the day after surgery. She’s currently napping on the couch. We’ll try to make it upstairs later today.

What a day.

We ended up in the emergency room this morning at 5am. Deb is going in for an operation next Tuesday, but it looked for a while this morning like we weren’t going to make it that long. After three hours of sitting in a “gynee room” to get some blood results, they sent us home. Things seem to have settled down a bit now, but we’re still not happy campers. Tuesday is still on.

Cheap technology

So Deb accidentally went out and bought an SACD of Yo-Yo Ma instead of a CD. Of course, being the geek that I am, I took this as an excuse to go buy an SACD player. There is actually a reasonable selection of various makes and models in Ottawa, but most are either too expensive or too limited in capability. I eventually found a Samsung that, in addition to playing, SACDs will also play DVDs and DVD-Audio disks. It seems to have pretty decent specs, but I won’t know for certain until I’ve got it home. In any case, $200 seemed like a surprisingly low price for something with this many features.

update: I played around with it last night. The picture quality is good — I’d say slightly better than the old one. The GUI is pretty basic though. It played everything I could throw at it: DVD with DolbyDigital, DVD with DTS, CD, SACD and DVD-Audio. The only wrinkle was that I had to plug in the analog outs to get SACD to work. This actually makes sense: It’s not a PCM signal, so it’s not suitable for writing out over the optical digital connection.

(Did I mention it has a DVI out and will upsample to HiDef? 🙂 )

Last snowboarding lesson of the season

Today is our last snowboarding lesson for this year.

(I’m just waiting for Dennis to get ready. I’ll update tonight to let you know how it goes.)

update: We’re back. It started snowing heavily just as we were leaving, so by the time we got to the slopes there was about 5..10 cm of new powder. What an awesome way to end the season! Actually, I think Dennis and I will try to get out one more time over the march break.

Cello sectional

A cello sectional is when only the cellos get together to practice. The Divertimento cello section had one last Thursday at the Agudath Israel Synagogue. It was led by Donald Whitton, who is a well-known and highly skilled player and teacher. He had not previously seen the pieces we are doing for this semester, but was able to play them well (much better than I) after only a few moments with them.

I learned a number of playing tricks and some better fingerings. All in all a very successful evening.