Ottawa Synth Meetup

Here are some pictures from last Saturday’s Ottawa Synth Meetup. It was an evening of conversation about gear and technique, along with much making of odd noises and even a smattering of actual music. 🙂

Mostly it was an opportunity for some of us analog synth nuts to get together and realize that there really is a scene in Ottawa. It was a ton of fun.

Btw, if you’re interested in getting involved in the next one, you should join the Ottawa Synths Facebook group.

a pair of synths one for audio and one for video plus a ribbon controller
One person brought two analog modulars, one for audio (at the back) and one for video (in front). See the last photo for an example of the video synth in action.

a pair of classic analog polysynths
Someone brought an Arp Omni and a Korg PolySix. Classic sounds, that were instantly recognizable!

Awesome tube powered drum machine, crazy synth in a wooden case, plus a very nice, beats focused eurorack machine.

The synthesizers I brought
This is what I brought: Pittsburg Modular, MiniBrute, MonoTribe, Monotron Delay and a Qunexus controller.

Eurorack and ribbon controller
Monde synth ribbon controller controlling a eurorack setup. I got a chance to play with this, but I need to try it again in a less chaotic environment.

A really nice eurorack setup
This was a very nice eurorack setup, plus an Elektron Machinedrum and keyboard controller.

Video synth in action
The video synth driving the projector.

And there a few others that I didn’t manage to get pictures of.

Korg DS-10

This was one of the things on my Christmas list this year that I didn’t get[*], so, during boxing week, I wandered down to my local EBGames and picked one up. It’s a cart for the Nintendo DS that provides software emulations of a pair of Korg MS-10, semi-modular analog monosynths and an analog drum machine. It also provides a simple step-sequencer, and has both a traditional keyboard and a “kaos pad” input device. Here’s a couple of screen shots:

Korg DS-10
Korg DS-10

I haven’t had it long enough to do anything interesting with it, but if you want to see what it’s capable of, just search for “DS-10” on YouTube — last I looked there >1000 videos of people making music on them. Among other cool features is the ability to sync up to four DS’s running over wifi, so if anybody else picks up a copy, let me know.

Anyway, here’s my first attempt at making some sounds on it; it’s dreck, but it gives you some idea of what it sounds like:

2008 12 31

(wait for it, it starts slow.)

* Note: I did get a kick-ass, ice crushing blender, a GPS, a bottle of the 2000 Dun Bheagan Islay and numerous other cool gifts, so I’m not complaining at all.